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The B²IRC WWW.IRC allows people to access certain channels on B²IRC via a standard web browser. This is accomplished via our CGI:IRC gateway so unlike with Java based clients, you don't need to have direct Internet access. All you need is a web browser:

  • Mozilla, Netscape 6+ and Internet Explorer 5+ will provide you the full javascript interface
  • Opera, Netscape 4, Konqueror and even Links will work with the basic interface. Rumour has it IE versions 3 and 4 also work more or less sufficiently
  • The interface is automatically detected based on your browser

  •    How to use

    Choose a channel from the Channel subpage. All you need to do is enter a nickname of your choice. You may only join a channel which has specifically requested WWW.IRC access to be allowed.

    If you wish to have WWW.IRC access for your channel, please contact an operator through the #opers channel. Read more details on the Applying subpage. For information on including WWW.IRC on your channel's web page, see the Usage subpage.

      Secure access available

    For the paranoid ones out there, you may choose to access this site via HTTPS as well. However, it's worth noting that the communication between IRC servers and between normal clients isn't encrypted. In other words, IRC isn't that secure.

    WWW.IRC Secure mode.

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