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  Enabling WWW.IRC for your channel

First of all, please note that by default WWW.IRC is NOT ENABLED on any channel. Meaning that people are not able to access your channel via WWW.IRC unless you specifically request.

Currently, applying is done mostly manually, but trust us - we're efficient. Please visit the channel #opers and ask an operator to grant your channel WWW.IRC access. Likewise, if you at some point don't want WWW.IRC access to be enabled any more, come to the same place.

  Rules and limits

Generally, WWW.IRC can be granted to any channel on B²IRC relating to network operations, network assistance or forms of Japanese popular culture, such as anime/manga. There are a few general limitations and rules:

  • The person requesting must be an operator of the channel. A member of our staff will verify this when you're applying
  • The channel must be permanent, ie. protected by a bot or other service
  • Obviously, all forms of abuse and harrasment will be dealt with swiftly. The same network rules apply to all our users, including users via WWW.IRC
  • When applying, have the following information available:

  • Channel description, along with any rules you'd like to display on your channel information page
  • Short description, for the channel list page
  • URL for channel, if available

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